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Bob's Picks

I am writing this week from the Regional Aquatics Workshop, hosted by the Georgia Aquarium. Three other QM staff members and I have been giving and attending many presentations on a wide variety of topics relevant to public aquaria. The presentations have been very educational and well done plus the opportunity to meet many of the top aquarium professionals has been inspiring to say the least.

If you ever have the chance to visit it should not be passed up as the experience borders on overwhelming. The main display is nothing short of majestic with Whale Sharks, Manta Rays and seemingly endless other specimens; it is almost beyond words.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors and presenters of this event, they are at the core of what makes this event special. A very heartfelt and special thanks goes to the Georgia Aquarium for the awesome job they have done hosting RAW 2013. All of the effort they went through to make this a memorable experience paid off many times as everyone I spoke to was just awed.

We have a limited supply of Gold Domino Damsels (Dascyllus auripinnis) from one of our SSCs in the Central Pacific that are out of this world. The ratio of yellow to black on them is about the highest I've seen and they are very healthy.

Another fish I haven't seen on the stock list for awhile is the Velvet Gumdrop Fish (Caracanthus madagascariensis) and we currently have a limited supply of the little guys. They are all eating well and ready for forever homes.

From our Short Supply Chain in Fiji, there are some MAC Lori Anthias (Pseudanthias lori) in a couple different sizes that are robustly healthy and eating well. Don't sleep on these.

We have an unbelievable selection of Cowrie Snails (Cypraea sp) in a range of sizes and types.

In the last week we got a beautiful shipment of perfect sized Spiny Blue Reef Lobsters (Panulirus versicolor) that have really nice, stark coloration. They will not go unnoticed in your displays.

On the Aquacultured front, the A/C Metallic Green Merulina (Merulina ampliata) are really standing out with outstanding coloration, and a very solid average size. These really pop under actinics.