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Bob's Picks

Here at QM we process numerous inbound shipments daily and the importance of timely and proper handling cannot be overstated. Due to the enormous distance traveled by some of our shipments, we have to treat each one individually. Its imperative to have an experienced acclimation team who can properly diagnose the condition of a shipment upon arrival and customize the acclimation process to those conditions.

One area of handling that I feel doesn't receive enough attention is the impact light shock on specimens after transit. Sometimes in ones haste to process a shipment and fully observe the arrival conditions, the ambient light is not dimmed. You must keep in mind that the fish have been traveling in total darkness and to expose them to brightly lit conditions upon opening the packages can be extremely stressful. While working in dim light may make it more difficult to immediately observe your specimens, the end result will be a much less stressful acclimation process, and a healthier fish.

Fish that are less stressed on arrival are more likely to resume their natural feeding behavior. It is critical to restore this feeding behavior as quickly as possible. Its one of the most effective ways to restore the vitality of an animal and provides much needed energy after a long journey.

We have found all species to react differently to the rigors of travel and so we have to treat them individually to provide the least stressful acclimation process possible. We are constantly analyzing and refining techniques, leaving no stone unturned because sometimes a slight alteration during acclimation can have a hugely positive result. QM's decades of experience, detailed record keeping and process analysis are all major players in why our fish do so well.

From our Short Supply Chain in Fiji, we have an excellent supply of MAC Six Line Wrasses (Pseudocheilinus hexataenia) that are all extra fat, in perfect SSC shape and ready to start mowing down pests in your reef tank.

Looking for something a little more whacky, weird, wonderful? We have a couple Walking Longnose Batfish (Ogcocephalus corniger)and if these aren't different enough, you are going to have to resort to CGI fish.

We frequently get Multicolor Lubbock's Wrasses (Cirrhilabrus lubbocki) but the ones we've been getting recently have been looking more and more "terminal male phase". This is a wrasse I like because they are always nice, and totally underrated, but the current batch is just stunning.

If you are tired of the NPS customer bugging you for something cooler, just order one of these Black Tubastrea (Tubastrea micracantha). These will make him / her freak right out. They are jet black with metallic greenish cast that extends onto the polyps. They are a great size, and we have very few of them.

We just got an excellent shipment of Blue Linckia Stars (Linckia laevigata) that are in just superb condition; rich blue, thick legged, sticky footed and no nicks. Get these quick.