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Bob's Picks

The Marine Ornamental industry has come a long way. With each year there are more and more fish being added to the list of successfully bred marine species. Our collective understanding of the need to be a responsible trade has never been greater or more embraced, yet there still remains the misperception that we are wanton plunderers of the ocean with blatant disregard for its future. Interestingly enough, of all the types of commerce that rely upon the ocean, I believe our industry has the closest connection and awareness of the delicate balance of the marine environment. With our relatively small size as an industry however, we are the proverbial low hanging fruit for environmental activists, whos scrutiny is more often than not based on emotion rather than scientific data.

Tropical fish collectors rely on sustainability for their livelihood and without their natural resources, they do not have as bright a future. It is easy for the layman to make the broad speculation that the collectors are harvesting everything in sight and all reduction in the fish population is due to them. Realistically, however, collectors work in very limited zones and target a small percentage of the available fish supply. The relatively miniscule catch of tropical fish collectors is readily replenished not only through existing populations but also with the strategic placement of Marine Protected Areas or no take zones. In the overall picture, one has to consider the impact of the food fish and Sportfishing (this includes spearfishing) industries, where the catch is measured in metric tonnes by the millions. With these forms of fishing, sexually mature adult fish are targeted, which can be devastating to the recruitment of successive generations. The tropical fish collectors, on the other hand, concentrate mostly on juvenile fish, which are available in much larger numbers yet collected in far fewer quantities.

While it is much easier to point fingers, we at Quality Marine realize we have a responsibility to our future generations. We must do all that we can to support sustainable and ethical collection methods, mariculture programs that incorporate the services of sustenance fish collectors, and continue to advocate for complete traceability.

This week from the Maldives we have a limited number of Mitratus Butterflyfish (Chaetodon mitratus). These are some spectacular specimens and are feeding robustly.

We have a fresh batch of Australian Scott's Velvet Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus scottorum) in stock and ready to ship. These would make a stunning addition to just about any large reef aquarium.

From our MAC Short Supply Chain in Fiji we are getting in Juvenile Twin Spot Wrasse (Coris aygula). They are well known to eat crustaceans as adults, so they are not suitable to be housed with them, but the juvenile coloration is totally awesome! We might have another week or two of the run if we are fortunate.

Ive been hearing a considerable amount of buzz about Bali Aquacultured Acroporas lately and we have regular shipments of them. Be sure to ask your Customer Service Representative for all of the highlights!

We have a nice batch of Fijian Green Cauliflower Coral (Pocillopora sp.). Dont see them this green very often and they look awesome! We only have a few, so jump on these quick.