News / Company News / Bob's Picks (01/04/13)

Bob's Picks

As we start 2013, we do so with excitement and a commitment to further increasing our support marine aquaculture/mariculture projects around the globe. In 2012 we introduced a consistent and high quality aquacultured Banggai Cardinalfish to our ever growing offering of truly aquacultured species. We routinely offer numerous tank-raised species of clownfish, Pompano, Dottybacks, Macrodon Goby, and now Blue Ring Angels. We also have in stock at all times a wide range of aquacultured Tridacna Clams as well as maricultured Hard & Soft Corals, mushrooms, polyps and an extensive assortment of stunningly colorful zoanthids.

To get 2013 off on the right foot we now have in stock aquacultured Taupou Blue Devil Damsels Chrysiptera taupou. What sets these apart from their wild Fijian counterparts is the subtle yet noticeable color variation in the dorsal region. We do hope you share our enthusiasm in this growing part of our industry and look for more to come as 2013 unfolds. We wish all of you a happy and prosperous year to come!

As well as having the Aquacultured Damsels, we also have a great many other aquacultured items in stock that deserve attention, like the Aquacultured Banggai Cardinals (Pterapogon kauderni). The mediums, in particular, are eating us out of house and home.

As always we have a great selection of cultured clownfish as well, but the Aquacultured Galaxy Clarkii Clowns (Amphiprion clarkii) are really turning some heads. We haven't seen to many of these, and we only have a limited supply, so get them quick.

Sticking with the cultured theme, we are now proud to be offering Aquacultured Juv Annularis Angels (Pomacanthus annularis) that are changing into their adult colorations. Most of the juveniles we see have very distinct misbarring and it will be interesting to see these turn full adult. They'll never be here long enough for us to see it, so we'll have to leave it to you. These are very aggressively priced; so no shop should be without at least one cultured angel.

We have a limited supply of Rose Bulb Anemones (Entacmaea quadricolor) that are the usual stunning color, but are quite a bit larger than we usually see them. There aren't many, so get your order in early.

For the select bunch of you that are into the Jellyfish portion of the hobby, we have some extremely nice Dwarf Cassiopeia Jellyfish (Cassiopeia sp.) in stock right now that are very active. Even the husbandry staff stops to look at these. If you are looking for an attention getter, these are hard to beat.

Lastly, and back on the cultured wagon, our selection of Aquacultured Plating Orange Montipora (Montipora sp.) is excellent. They are all in great shape, with killer color and polyp extension.