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Bob's Picks

Another year has passed and as I sit here thinking about all that we've accomplished over the last 12 months, I can't help but be distracted with the thought of everything that is to come in the new year. We are starting it off with what has to be the deepest and most varied inventory that I can remember in all my time with QM. Thanks to the unyielding commitment of our husbandry staff and the continual upgrades to our holding system we have been able to maintain increased levels of stock while not compromising their health.

Traditionally the Christmas holiday period is plagued with inconsistent collection and waning supply. This becomes extremely problematic as demand typically surges just after the beginning of the new year. Our predicament typically translates into starting off the new year playing catch up and fighting to get inventory levels up to our standards. This year however, our preemptive planning has paid off and we expect it to be of great benefit to all our customers. Apart from that, we have many new and exciting projects slated for 2011 and we will continue to raise the bar even higher by offering the highest quality marine livestock the industry has to offer on a daily basis. Be sure to check our website regularly as we are continually updating it with the latest news and events. Again, a big thank you to everyone who shares in our vision of a sustainable and environmentally responsible industry, we cannot do this without you!

We have some really super colored Bartletts Anthias (Pseudanthias bartlettorum) in an assortment of sizes. These have been holding up well and are a great reef aquarium item. They have very fast metabolisms, so feed them often. We find a mix of Nutramar Ova and frozen Mysis do a great job of keeping them looking vibrant and healthy.

One fish that is often overlooked is the Lantern Basslet (Serranus baldwini). Granted their sometimes pugnacious nature can be a source of frustration, I feel their coloration is unappreciated and the size right now is perfect. Give them a try as they are super hardy as well!

A very beautiful fish that is not available frequently is the Lined Dart Goby (Ptereleotris grammica). If you have not seen the coloration of these rarities it is absolutely stunning and in the right setting they are truly magnificent.

Im a big supporter of aquacultured soft corals and we have a very good selection in stock right now. The Green Finger (Sinularia sp.) and Toadstool Leather (Sarcophyton sp.) are especially nice and most importantly they are raised in an environmentally responsible manner.

Traditionally we see a lower supply this time of year, but we have good numbers of Scarlet Hermit Crabs (Paguristes digueti) on hand. Dont get caught short of these ever popular algae eaters.