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Bob's Picks

Happy New Year to all and thank you for your continued support in our efforts to operate as ecologically and environmentally responsible as possible. From our in house recycling programs to our unyielding support of the many aquaculture projects around the globe Quality Marine will further its commitment to sustainable harvest and short supply chain methodology. As we enter 2010 with the goal of future generations experiencing the same wonder of the hobby we are so passionate about, we look forward to providing the Marine Aquarium industry with livestock of unsurpassed quality and from the most sustainable sources.

But I digress...on to the picks for the week:

Just in time to kick off the New Year we have a fresh batch of Red Sea fish, including: Purple Tang Zebrasoma xanthurum, Golden Butterfly Chaetodon semilarvatus and Asfur Angel Pomacanthus asfur. Order quickly as the supply from this region is limited and they look GREAT!

For those Labridae collectors we have a stunning batch of male Red-Head Wrasse, Halichoeres rubricephalus, ready to go.

From our exclusive Fiji supply line we have an excellent assortment of Goldenhead Sleeper Goby, Valenciennea strigata, in house and are an Added Value Special. Handled with the utmost care these are one of the many MAC certified species we offer weekly.

Nano Gobies unite! Puerto Rican Green Band Gobies, Elacatinus multifasciatus, are an interesting addition to any nano aquarium and weve got them. Our collector goes to great lengths to get these for us. Our husbandry team reports they are eating heartily too.

You cant forget the Achilles Tang, Acanthurus achilles. Weve got a great batch of large adults perfect for that huge display. These striking specimens are robust feeders and the coloration is superb.

Fresh from the farm we just received another shipment of aquacultured Green Finger Sinularia soft coral, Sinularia sp.. These leathers are so neon green it reminds me of the 70s. Its another great item from our long list of sustainably produced corals that we have arriving weekly.