News / Company News / Bob's Picks (12/28/09)

Bob's Picks

We have a stunning batch in stock Cook Island Scotts Velvet Wrasse Cirrhilabrus scottorum. Exclusive in North America to QM, these color variants are unlike any others with bright yellow coloration and the distinctive red spot.

We do have a limited stock of hand-caught Wide Band Clownfish Amphiprion latezonatus, available and ready to go. They have been eating well and its time to take advantage of these rarities while they last.

Our supplier of Catalina Goby Lythrypnus dalli, was working overtime last week and brought in a fresh batch just in time for the New Year. We have an good assortment of sizes in stock and be sure to give the large ones a try, you wont be disappointed.

We received a batch of Red Wellsophyllia Open Brain Corals Trachyphyllia geoffroyi, that have vibrant coloration and unique green splashes. To make it even better we received these at a great price which we are passing along to our customers as one of our Added Value Specials.

From our ever expanding list of aquacultured items give the Green Finger Sinularia Soft Coral Sinularia sp., a try as these are absolutely radioactive! These neon green specimens are sustainably harvested from one of the many mariculture projects Quality Marine is supporting.