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Bob's Picks

We have a limited supply of Wide Band Clownfish, Amphiprion latezonatus, in house and ready to go. These blue lipped beauties are flawless and our exclusive Australian supplier gives them the utmost care from collection to ship-out. Be sure to take advantage of these while they are available.

Another item in the QM line up of sustainable species, the aquacultured juvenile Yellow Moon Angels, Pomacanthus maculosus, are outstanding with good size and excellent coloration.

Ever tried an Australian Copperband Butterfly, Chelmon rostratus? These massive fish with their striking orange bars are a sight to behold and are eating everything in sight.

The QM commitment to supporting environmentally responsible practices has yielded another fantastic item, the Metallic Green Star Polyp, Briareum sp. The bright emerald green polyps rival any wild collected specimen with the advantage that the coverage is full and consistent.

The Lavender Hairy Mushrooms, Rhodactis sp. from Fiji this week are a must have. The colonies are flawless with robust polyp expansion and vibrant lavender tentacles.