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Bob's Picks

Christmas is upon us already and we are entering probably the most feared week in which to ship tropical fish across the US. There are a few rules of thumb to keep in mind when bringing in fish this time of year. First of all, commuter flights should be avoided at all costs after Tuesday this week. This is due to the reduced size of the aircraft, less space for cargo, increased passenger luggage and the good chance that there may be inclement weather. All of these combined make for a sometimes tumultuous shipping experience. Direct flights on commercial flights are the best way to go especially when you encounter an issue as the held up shipment can only be at one of two places, the origin or the destination. In either case the shipment can be retrieved if there are any expected delays. Door to door services, such as FedEx, should experience their maximum load on Wednesday plus you still have weather issues at the hubs for distribution.

It is of utmost importance to take water quality readings upon the arrival of any shipment, especially those which have been delayed. This time of year delayed shipments will result in lower than normal temperatures and they should be treated accordingly. Keeping your lights dim and allowing the shipment to warm up to ambient room temperature first is often a good idea before mixing with any type of water source. When floating bags the sometimes sudden swing in temperature can spell disaster and can usually be avoided.

Of course you can always play it safe and wait until after Christmas but thats a whole other story

For the wrasse collector we've got an outstanding supply of Super Male Lineatus wrasse (Cirrhilabrus lineatus). Not your every day lineatus, these are large males with exceptionally vivid coloration. Another one of our favorite species of fish from Down Under.

Our African supplier has sent us a great selection of Flameback Pygmy Angels (Centropyge acanthops). These pygmy's are sometimes known to fair well in reef tanks, but beware as they may become coral/clam pickers if not well fed. They have beautiful blue coloration with a generous splash of bright yellow which lines their entire back.

From our MAC Certified collector in Fiji, we've received some perfectly sized small Sailfin tangs (Zebrasoma veliferum). These little guys have a very bright juvenile color and excellent fin structure. As with most other members of the Zebrasoma genus, they are excellent algae grazers and quite active swimmers in the aquarium too!

We've been getting a phenomenal supply of Birdsnest coral (Seriatapora hystrix) from our SSC in Tonga. They've been coming in large sizes with a mix of two types: one being solid pink and the other being pink with yellow/green polyps at the tips. Ask your rep to select a few cherry pieces for you.

From one of our excellent Indo suppliers we are featuring the Starfire Polyps (Zoanthid sp.). A result of our continued effort to grade and more accurately name our Zoanthids so that you can continuously get what you expect! These are a great item both for the beginning hobbyist as well as the seasoned Zoanthid collector, they come with a peach colored face and an green skirt. See our products page for a representative image.

Another great item from our SSC in Tonga is the Purple Encrusting Montipora (Montipora sp.). Our most recent batch has a deep rich purple coloration. They are shallow water species that appreciate clean water with heavy flow and bright light.