News / Company News / Bob's Picks (12/16/11)

Bob's Picks

As we move into the week before Christmas, we are looking to bring in a few Yuletide surprises. In addition, we have the usual full slate of arrivals scheduled and will be working hard to provide you with the largest variety available to keep your aquariums well-stocked.

Due to the heavy passenger travel associated with this time of year, regularly scheduled movement of both incoming and outgoing shipments can be disrupted. Be sure to check our real-time availability list regularly and consult your Customer Service Representative for updates on the current freight status.

The timely movement of your livestock is our utmost concern, especially as passenger volume swells. If you are utilizing air cargo as your method of transport and it requires a transfer to a connecting flight it would be in your best interest to arrange for your shipment to depart earlier in the upcoming week.

As always, we will do our best to keep your holiday season as stress-free as possible. Happy Holidays.

This week we have some really beautiful XL Spanish Hogfish (Bodianus rufus). These are really striking and in good health.

From our SSC in Fiji we have a limited number of MAC Exquisite Wrasses (Cirrhilabrus exquisitus). The coloration has to be seen to be believed. This is one of those really variable species as far as how they look, and this is a very nice batch.

We have some excellent live rock from Vanuatu (Scleractinia) this week. This is very porous and has good coverage of coralline and other goodies. There is only a few more boxes, so get it while it lasts.

We have some bright orange Flame Scallops (Lima scabra) that are very healthy and displaying the eye popping orange these are famous for.

Lastly we have a good selection of Blue Linkia Starfish (Linckia laevigata) in right now. These are in good health, and a great item to have in store for that holiday themed promotion you are running.