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Bob's Picks

How quickly the holiday season has descended upon us! I figure now would be a good to time bring up the topic of shipping. As we enter into the last weeks prior to Christmas, there usually is a point where air carriers will not carry perishable cargo such as live tropical fish. Traditionally this is assessed on a daily basis according to each carriers criterion. What I have found over the years is the amount of freight that is backlogged many times determines whether they will accept consignments of tropical fish. Once the backlog reaches around the 24 hour mark the limitations start to go into place. It also depends on what is causing the backlog, as inclement weather can have a major impact. Once the weather has cleared up it is amazing how quickly the delayed freight can move on to its destination. Another aspect to take into consideration are the passengers themselves, as travelers this time of year tend to check in more baggage, which in turn directly affects the amount of cargo that can be moved. Perhaps the most impacted by this are the smaller commuter planes that are already limited by the amount of cargo they are able to carry.

Though it comes at an added cost, for those utilizing air cargo as their method of transportation it may make good sense to consider upgrading the level of service selected. Other options include selecting a door to door service such as FedEx to transport your shipment. At first glance the cost may seem greater but consider the amount of time that is spent tracking a consignment when a traditional shipping method goes awry and the ensuing chaos that follows. This can be a very stressful experience and by planning ahead one can minimize the impact. A shopkeepers time needs to be spent tending to their customers, not trying to resolve shipping issues, picking up delayed shipments and losing much needed sleep.

Traditionally this is the time for the big surf to start kicking up in Hawaii. In anticipation of a limited supply in the coming weeks we have brought in a good number of Yellow Tangs (Zebrasoma flavescens) so you dont get caught high and dry without this industry staple.

We have in stock some very nice Aquacultured Neon Dottybacks (Pseudochromis aldabraensis). The coloration is excellent as is the sizing as well. A great cultured specimen for the environmentally conscious aquarist.

From Sri Lanka we received an exceptional shipment of small McCoskers Flasher Wrasse (Paracheilinus mccoskeri). The size is perfect for a nano aquarium and they are all showing male coloration.

Our source in the Caribbean sent us a shipment of vividly colored Purple Condylactis Anemone (Condylactis passiflora). These are an excellent value for the price.

Look for the release of the newest Reefhab frag this week, the Purple Tip Green Honey Wall Coral (Euphyllia sp.) these are smoking!