News / Company News / Bob's Picks (12/04/09)

Bob's Picks

This weeks batch of MAC certified Goldhead Sleeper Gobies, Valencienna strigata, are awesome, with good body weight and a nice mix of sizes. To top it off they are at a great price, collected sustainably and come from a short supply line.

Time to do some cattle rustling and round up some Longhorn Cowfish, Lactoria cornuta. The last batch came in very clean with nice un-broken horns, these cows wont be on the range for long.

I must be feeling mellow because every fish pick this week is yellow! Yellow Watchman Gobies, Cryptocentrus cinctus are coming in with very BRIGHT yellow coloration and are ready for some heavy sifting.

For something out of the ordinary we have a great pick of Staghorn Hermit Crabs, Manucomplanus varians. These exotic crabs are a two for one special as their shell is encrusted by a commensal hydroid which builds the unique horns on the shell.

The Cultured Kenya Tree, Capnella sp. has been coming in outstanding and its an environmentally friendly coral choice.