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Bob's Picks

Tis the season to be jolly is coming up quickly and Thanksgiving is the green flag for the holiday dash to begin. This has been a challenging year for all the hard working retailers that are the backbone of our industry and the holidays are usually a good time to reap the rewards of your efforts. I was thinking about holiday ideas for the brick and mortar establishments and I have always been of the mind that fish are not the most perfect of gifts.

Here are a few alternative ideas that you might be able to employ to attract some business over the holiday season:
  • Instead of a live fish, how about a well crafted gift certificate in the shape of a fish or some other recognizable aquatic denizen?
  • Another idea was aquarium set ups equipped with pre-sold rock. This way the aquarium goes home as the present while the rock waits in the shop curing getting ready for the big day when the tank is ready to be set up. Usually rock shipments start getting quirky around the first of the year as everyone waits for the new quota to be released. Sometimes it goes off without a hitch, sometimes the delay can drag on for who knows how long. By making the rock part of the package the shop owner has a much better handle on what his customers needs are.
  • Dogs and cats have stocking stuffers, why not fish? Granted, my idea involves putting together a gift pack of foods (frozen or otherwise) of different types that expose the hobbyist (and their fish) to a much wider range of nutrition.
  • True fish geeks love fish books the more pictures the better. Every aquarist needs at least one of the pocket guides available. Another one of my favorites books is volume 3 of The Reef Aquarium by Delbeek and Sprung.

I hope all of you have a harmonious and prosperous holiday season.

This is geared more towards public aquaria or those that service extremely large displays but we have in some full adult Cortez/Costa Rican Hogfish (Bodianus diplotaenia). These are simply stunning but are very large so keep this in mind.

I feel the Samoan Cardinalfish (Nectamia savayensis) that are coming from our Short Supply Chain in Tonga are completely underappreciated. The pattern is very unique and they are doing quite well when tanked together, forming nice schools. They are feeding heartily as well.

Also from our SSC in Tonga, we received some large colonies of bright pink Stylophora (Stylophora sp.). Put these under the right lighting arrangement and they should absolutely glow! We find that lower Kelvin lighting really brings out the pink in these while higher Kelvin lamps bring our more purple coloration.

Be sure to speak to your Customer Service Representative as we are getting ready for another release of our famous Cook Island Tridacna maxima clams and they are amazing. Now that they are rested, be sure to get your pre-order in as they go quick.

We have a full slate of arrivals scheduled for the upcoming week to add to our already extensive inventory. As we move into December and holiday sales start to kick in, it may be a good time to consider that late week shipment to keep your livestock selection as broad as possible and your displays looking fresh.