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Bob's Picks

As we move into the Thanksgiving week, we have paid special attention to keeping a full stocklist in house. Our long list of tried and true supply chains always pays dividends in tough times. Right now you are stocking up for one of the biggest weekends of the shopping year, and we have the usual full slate of arrivals scheduled and will be working hard to provide you with the largest variety available to keep your aquariums well-stocked.

Due to the heavy passenger travel associated with this time of year, combined with the short shipping week, regularly scheduled movement of both incoming and outgoing shipments can be disrupted. The timely movement of your livestock is our utmost concern, especially as passenger volume swells. If you are utilizing air cargo as your method of transport keep in mind that you'll need to get those orders in early in the week to avoid any possible hiccups. Be sure to check our real-time availability list regularly and consult your Customer Service Representative for updates on the current freight status. If you are not aware, and already doing this, we offer door to door delivery for your convenience.

As always, we will do our best to keep your holiday season as stress-free as possible. Happy Thanksgiving.

This week we got an excellent batch of Red Leopard or Choati Wrasses (Macropharyngodon choati) from Australia. This batch came through amazing. We have a good range of sizes; they are very fat and alert.

We also have some very nice Black Finned Butterfly Fish (Chaetodon decussatus). These are a good size, and in great shape, and are something a little different as far as butterflies go.

On the aquacultured front, you really need to check out our Premium Picasso Percula Clowns (Amphiprion percula). This batch is stunningly nice, we even put a couple on our WYSIWYG. If you check those out, just remember that each listing is for one fish, there are two photos of each fish just to show you both sides of it.

We have a very limited supply of some brilliant Blue Sponges (Haliclona sp). These are just amazing, and there are only a couple. Get them while they last.

Another neat item, but one we have a much better supply of is Red People Eater Paly Colonies (Palythoa sp.). These have just about perfect coverage and the nice bright lime green mouths people look for on this coral.

And we have another shipment of Australian Coral to share with you, complete with large colonies of Acan, Favia and other greats. We got an absolutely killer supply of just stunning Aussie Scolies (Scolymia australis). These are sure to be a hit in your store over the extended shopping weekend.