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Bob's Picks

Most of our customers have probably noticed that we've been working away trying to find new ways to excite you and keep you stocked with a wide diversity of animals. A big part of my job as of late is to help come up with many of these ideas and also find the right combination of animals to make irresistible promo packs. When deciding what to put into a promo pack, I'm ultimately utilizing it to achieve one or more different purposes. Firstly, I try and find 'gotta have' animals and list them at 'gotta have' prices. Then I sometimes look for a particular species or mix that I believe are often overlooked but rightly should become part of the repertoire in any store's lineup. Take for example this week's 'Zoanthid Collector Package'. We've put a lot of work into re-naming our corals and by putting many of these new species into one very well priced pack, we can get our customers familiar with our nomenclature. Our goal is that all of a sudden they will realize that many of these Zoas are gems that they've been passing over on the stock list for weeks.

I'm sure that anyone who keeps up with my blogs knows that I am a huge advocate of stocking a good variety of animals. I highly recommend that you all take advantage of these promos as they are usually designed for a reason and that is to help drive your sales by passing the savings to your customers while also increasing the levels of diversity in your systems. These are the keys to keeping your customers returning week after week.

We have a very limited number of Australian Watanabe Angel pairs (Genicanthus watanabei). They are super alert and their coloration is awesome, a perfect item for that large reef display.

From our Short Supply Chain in Tonga we received a very cool damsel, the Richardsons Reef Chromis (Pomachromis richardsoni). These are not in the trade very often and are comparable to a Vanderbilt Damsel. Be sure to check them out!

Another unusual item not seen very often is the Slender Sweeper Cardinal (Parapriacanthus ransonetti). Our husbandry staff has been hard at work figuring out the optimal care for this somewhat delicate species and the batch we have in stock is fat, perky and sporting brilliant coloration.

Our Sumatran supply line sent over some Blue-Scaled Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura) and these are a very nice color variant. If you are into different color variations of fairy wrasse these are nice item.

Our Micronesian source sent over an excellent shipment of Maricultured Yellow-Tip Torch Coral (Euphyllia glabrescens). These are some very nice sized pieces that are exhibiting superb polyp extension.