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Bob's Picks

Just so no one forgets, Quality Marine is on a reduced shipping schedule for the week of November 21 25 due to the observance of Thanksgiving (U.S.) on Thursday the 24th. We are fully aware of the importance of maintaining a well rounded presentation during the busy coming months and will be doing everything we can to make sure you can outshine all your competition.

To this end, we are ramping up our selection and increasing our availability. We will be receiving all our usual shipments, and have rescheduled all Thursdays shipments to other days in the week. We will be fully staffed Monday through Wednesday and are ready to go. Traditionally the beginning of this week has been very busy, and we are running some amazing promotions, so please contact your Customer Service Representative for further information.

I hope everyone has a safe, joyous, and somewhat over stuffed holiday weekend.

This week we have a limited supply of some really cool Blue Spot Cowfish (Lactophrys sp.). These are healthy, eating well, and sure to turn some heads in your shop. Moo.

From our Short Supply Chain in Fiji we have some extremely bright Juvenile Red Coris Wrasses (Coris gaimard). These have that "stop in your tracks" red and white barring, as well as being very hardy.

We also have a great selection of Blue Girdled Angels (Pomacanthus navarchus) in adult and sub-adult colorations.

On the Invertebrate front, we just got restocked on the super popular Aquacultured Darth Maul Zoanthids (Zoanthid sp.) We don't have many, and they go fast, so get your order in quick!

Lastly we have a few really neat Red Sea Feather Lilly Stars (Heterometra sp.) in stock. These are exceptionally beautiful filter feeders that you just don't see in the trade very often.