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Bob's Picks

The holiday season is upon us and its time to think about expanding your in-house inventory. As your customers start sprucing up their private displays in anticipation of the upcoming festivities, its always a good idea to have some new or previously overlooked species on hand to spark ideas. Every aquarium needs some type of animal that contributes to algae control and this is the perfect opportunity to bring in that unique species of Salarias blenny or one of the many types of algae eating snails that are available. There are an untold number of Anthias that look awesome when grouped as trios and these will do well in those reef systems that are in need of some activity and color. For the Nano enthusiast we always have numerous gobies and blennies that will do well in that type of environment.

One of the keys to any successful store is a wide variety of healthy, feeding specimens that fit within the demographic of your clientele. Be sure to ask your Customer Service Representative what other stores across the country are doing and whats working for them. What may be the hot item in the Northeast might not have caught on in the Midwest yet or vice versa. A well stocked and clean fish store is always a joy for any marine hobbyist to make as one of their regular stops.

From our MAC Certified supply chain in Fiji, we are featuring the Bicolor Angel (Centropyge bicolor). These fish come healthy as can be with good body weight and vivid contrasting blue and yellow coloration.

We've got a good supply of two of our favorite surgeonfish from our short supply chain in the Maldives. The Lieutenant Tangs (Acanthurus tennentii) are a nice change of pace for stores looking to change up their mix of tang. Our current stock consists mostly of smaller sizes which are easy to acclimatize. We've also got Desjardinii Tangs (Zebrasoma desjardinii) which are basically Sailfin Tangs after a trip to the beauty parlor. While they sport the same silhouette as the sailfins, they are more colorful and sport an interesting mix of striped and spotted body patterns.

Our Tonga supply chain has been rocking recently and really giving us a great mix of inverts and corals. On the coral side we have some gorgeous pieces of Bubble Plerogyra (Plerogyra sinuosa). These are a great LPS coral that are quite hardy once acclimated and provide a nice touch of subtle movement in the aquarium.

Also from Tonga is the Fancy Yellow Brittle Starfish (Ophiarachna incrassata). Unlike your more carnivorous starfish, these are a little more tame and make an excellent dertrivore to clean up any leftover food that doesn't get consumed by the other animals in the tank.

Last, but certainly not least, we've got a good bunch of Red Wellsophyllia (Trachyphyllia geoffroyi) from Indonesia. These are a must have for any LPS collector and are also quite hardy. They are a good way to add a nice punch of red coloration to the tank.