News / Company News / Bob's Picks (10/22/10)

Bob's Picks

This weekend we will be exhibiting at the Reef-A-Palooza show down in Costa Mesa, CA. Im looking forward to it as it allows me the opportunity to spend some time talking fish and getting a glimpse of whats going on at the hobbyist level. Sometimes I lose sight of the marine enthusiast in me and have to get in touch with what draws me to this industry in the first place.

I was reading an article on-line the other day about ideas that have outlived their usefulness in the marine hobby. I soon started to feel outright ancient as I remembered when those concepts were new. Ultimately, I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks, especially if the new ones are better. Many of these great advancements we have made as an industry will be on display this weekend and its always a learning experience...assuming I can get my head around the different concepts. If youre attending the show stop by the QM display and take some time to chat with me or any of the rest of our crew, its always a gas meeting some other fish geeks!

This was another great week for seasonal species and from our Caribbean supply chain we have in Juvenile Queen Angels (Holacanthus ciliaris). I dont expect the run to last long so take advantage as they are one of this weeks Added Value Specials.

From our Sumatra supply line we have the Gold Stripe Maroon Clown (Premnas epigramma) and their color just shines. These are one of my favorite clownfish and their size is perfect.

In honor of Halloween our Short Supply Chain in the Maldives dug us up a ghoulish batch of Dracula Gobies (Stonogobiops Dracula). Pair them up with the Red Banded Pistol Shrimp (Alpheus randalli) and theyll be the talk of your nano.

Our MAC certified SSC in Fiji is always sending over some gems and this week's Purple Short Tentacle Plate Coral (Fungia sp.) is no exception. The color is amazing so be sure to have your Customer Service Representative select a few for you.

Another item that is coming in great from Fiji is the Colt Coral (Cladiella sp.). Be sure to try one out as the coloration varies from the Indonesian species.