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Bob's Picks

Last week I talked about how we use tank tags in house, but were you aware that we sell similar tags for all our customers? For those of you who havent gotten these before, for a cheap fee, we will provide clear or white vinyl static cling tags which go along with your livestock orders. For every item in your order, we print its common name, scientific name and date of shipment on the tag. Each tag has a space for writing in your price using a marker. We also print a barcode which can be scanned and logged into most POS systems. This lets your staff easily identify your stock and they can scan those items at your register.

Why do we think all of our customers should get these? Simple, we know how long it takes to price out incoming arrivals and properly label your tanks. Using this system, you cut it down to a fraction of the time, making the process of receiving a shipment more efficient and saving you money by reducing labor costs. In addition, we think your customers will appreciate knowing where you source your animals and seeing more detailed information about them.

The best reason, however, is yet to comewe have a special new feature coming out next week on all our tank tags. So dont forget to ask your reps to add them on your order.

We have a great selection of Starry Blennies (Salarias ramosus) in XL sizes that are eating like pigs.

We have a very limited number of Indian Triggers (Melichthys indicus) in a rare medium (4 - 5 inch range) size. This is a pretty cool fish, and a nice change up from your normal black trigger.

From our Cental Pacifc SSC we have some seriously beautiful Red Tail Wrasses (Anampses chrysocephalus (female)). These are really striking with their polka dot bodies and bright red tails.

We are releasing a couple really cool corals. From our Reefhab line we have a new Acan, The Master Chief (Acanthastrea lordhowensis). Clearly, somebody who plays a lot of video games named this one.

On Monday we are also releasing an amazing selection of Scolymia corals, Be sure to ask your Sales Rep to pick you out a show stopper.