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Bob's Picks

After last weeks blistering record temperatures, the much cooler Autumnal weather provided a pleasant respite for our finned guests this week. We've kept up our purchasing throughout the odd weather and with all of our new arrivals the selection is simply overwhelming. Even with the ubiquitous mindset of cheaper is better, here at QM we feel that QUALITY and VALUE come first and foremost. As we move to the latter portion of the seasonal shift, look for even more increased variety to land here. We are just beginning to see the results from some of the hard work we put in over the summer establishing new lines of supply and adjusting shipping techniques to ensure our customers receive the best conditioned animal possible. I have to acknowledge our acclimation and husbandry staff for the outstanding effort they have put forth as they continually provide our vendors with crucial information that is integral for your success. I look forward to the upcoming season and all of the challenges it will bring.

Yes we have them in stock...tank raised Pinnatus Batfish (Platax pinnatus). We do have a limited number available so be sure to ask your Customer Service Representative to check them out for you.

We currently have a nice assortment of aquacultured corals from the South Pacific. Ask your CSR about the special Aquaculture Sampler we have available. Not only do you get a wide variety but its a great value. We also have individual pieces available as well!

The Sri Lankan Blue & Red Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus rubriventralis) are coming in with exceptional color right now, so be sure to grab a few. The weather conditions are undergoing their seasonal shift so it will impact the collecting conditions soon and the supply will become sporadic.

We have in a very limited number of Whitecap Goby (Lotilia graciliosa). These secretive gobies are truly amazing and would look great in a nano aquarium.

Last but not least we also have a limited number of the Crosshatch Hybrid Trigger (Xanthichthys mento X lineopunctatus). This is an awesome fish and has to been seen to be appreciated.