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Bob's Picks

October traditionally signals the transition into cooler weather and the welcomed increase attention to aquariums, but it appears this year is staying the course of the unexpected. This past week we experienced all-time record high temperatures for Los Angeles. Nevertheless, the holiday season is fast approaching and it would be a good idea to start planning now.

Increased levels of livestock inventory, especially of untried species, will spur interest as your clients return to indoor activities and spruce up their displays. Re-stocking of the bread and butter species is the most common practice and its a difficult task for the independent shop owner to stay on top of all the latest trends and/or new items. Considering how extensive our daily inventory is it can seem overwhelming for the often overworked and time challenged proprietor/buyer. Add to the mix the inconsistent nature of common names and many times, real gems can be easily overlooked. As we build upon our extensive catalog of representative photos of each species offered, we hope our valued customers continue to take advantage of the interactive features on our online ordering system. Also, don't hesitate to ask our experienced Customer Service Representatives to be your eyes here at QM, they all have a pretty good pulse on the industry trends. That being said, look for a number of new additions as we begin to explore new supply chains exciting times indeed!

This week we received an awesome batch of Green Band Goby (Elacatinus multifasciatus) from our Short Supply Chain in the Caribbean. These cool little fish are perfect for the nano aquarium.

We have a limited number of Commersons Cornetfish (Fistularia commersoni). These oddballs are a relative of the Trumpetfish so plan on these piscine predators to attain a large size.

Though they can be quite aggressive, this weeks shipment of Lyretail Wrasse (Thalassoma lunare) from our SSC in Tonga are displaying stunningly vivid coloration. These would be a nice addition for those with a large FOWLR display.

Be sure to check out the Maricultured Coral & Clam Package Promo we are running this week. This is the perfect time to try out one of our promo samplers as it is a great mix of species and a super value!!

This past week we released several more of the QM exclusive Reefhab Frags. There are limited numbers available so ask your CSR for the lowdown.