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Bob's Picks

As head of purchasing for livestock, Im at the mercy of the ever changing demand and am always trying to not only stay ahead of all the hottest trends but create them as well. Whenever a customer asks for something we dont have I often contend with the perspective that all I have to do is call up my regular vendors and just order more. Along the same lines, I imagine our customers also struggle with getting their clients to understand that it isnt so easy for them to just get what they need right away too. In reality, we all know that its not quite that simple, especially when it comes to wild livestock and all the factors that affect collection.

In a world full of instant gratification, our supply model perpetuates many stores practices of shopping around to try and meet the instant needs of their customers. We understand why this happens, but at the same time I dont know how many times Ive heard horror stories from their experiences with other wholesalers. The most common story, one which I heard just the other day, is of customers who get fish from an alternate source only to bring them in and have a massive disease breakout that wipes out their whole system. It is stories like these where I cant begin to stress the importance of being very careful with where you source your livestockits always good to remember that it only takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch.

One of the quintessential Angelfish for marine aquariums, weve got some stunning Juv. Imperator Angels (Pomacanthus imperator) available. These fish are full of personality and without a lot of effort can be trained to take food right from your fingers.

From our SSC in the Maldives were featuring the Blonde Naso tang (Naso elegans). Our current batch is looking very healthy and is sporting that nice blonde dorsal fin that differentiates them from their counterparts in the Pacific Ocean. Feed lots of vegetarian food if you dont have a good natural source of macro algae in your tank.

One of my favorites is the Midas Blenny (Ecsenius midas) from Africa. Weve got a nice selection of medium and small sizes (I havent seen them so little in years!). As with most Midas Blenny's from Africa, they come equipped with a bold yellow body and bright blue rings around their eyes.

Are your customers into the whole Nano and Pico tank craze? If so, there are few fish as ideal for these types of aquaria as the Panda Goby (Paragobiodon lacunicolus). While they easily disappear in larger tanks and become more like a Wheres Waldo? game when trying to find them, they are much more easily observed in smaller aquaria.

Weve also got a great variety of new frags and clams from one of our supply lines in the South Pacific. On the clam side, weve got a good batch of Hippopus hippopus and Maxima clams with a great variety of Gold Maximas. We also received various colors of cultured Goniopora, encrusting Montipora, and more. Another new item from this vendor is the green polyp toadstools, these are must have frags for the softie collector.