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Bob's Picks

Importing livestock from a number of different countries can lead to a variety of scenarios that can impact the supply chain. This time of year there is an increased potential for various influences to affect supply and the availability of common animals. From the typically bad weather, local customs, and international holidays, this time of year we always have a difficult time coordinating our purchasing. With extreme inconsistencies in what fish are available from certain regions and suppliers, we have found ourselves quite fortunate so far, although not entirely by accident. Through careful planning and excellent communication with our vendors, we have been able to uphold our continuously diverse and massive levels of inventory without interruption. As usual, we find ourselves with a great assortment of livestock and a stocklist that is nearly endless. We actually get complaints that it is overwhelming for some people in that there are almost too many species to pick from! Nevertheless, the rest of the acquisition team and I will continue to strive to bring an even larger assortment of animals and help you keep your tanks packed with the healthiest livestock with the amount of variety that your customers crave.

This week from Indonesia we have received some absolutely spectacular Male Zebra Swallowtail Angels (Genicanthus melanospilus). Be sure to get your order in quick as we only have a limited number of these available.

From our Short Supply Chain in Tonga we received a great batch of Green Canary Blennies (Meiacanthus tongaensis). They are one of my favorite fang blenny and are sporting excellent coloration.

From our West America supply chain we have in stock Creole Anthias (Paranthias colonus). These came in with great color and are a nice smaller size. Please keep in mind these do get quite large.

A great looking under-appreciated coral is the South Pacific Cup Coral (Oxypora sp.). We have in stock some real gems from our SSC in Tonga.

Lastly from our SSC MAC Certified Fiji supply line, we are getting the Fusilier Damsel (Lepidozygus tapeinosoma). Obviously I really like this fish as I bring it up often and it is not consistently available year round. The pastel coloration combined with their more community minded temperament make them an excellent addition to a reef display.