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Bob's Picks

September is here, school is in session and typical fall weather should be here soon. The cool temperatures will be a nice respite for most of us after the unseasonably warm weather weve been seeing throughout the US. Through the recent hot weather we have been using our standard cool pack to keep your shipments from getting overheated. Please keep in mind the weather out here in SoCal tends to run behind the rest of the country and it remains much warmer here than in most of the rest of the country. It is very important to keep your customer service representative informed of your local weather conditions so that we can make adjustments to how we pack you shipment to compensate for the temperatures experienced during transit. Since we are dealing with cold-blooded specimens, temperature consistency is of the utmost importance as we try to avoid excessive fluctuations. We do have heat packs available for use if and when the situation requires them.

As the seasons change, its also an opportune time to get ready for the upcoming holiday rush. The holiday season is approaching fast and with a little planning you can really improve your chances of making it a great one. Being a hobbyist at heart, I have always appreciated a well maintained store with thought provoking or inspiring displays. Ive always felt that a well maintained display stocked with robust and full bodied fish speaks volumes about the abilities of the aquarist in charge. By being on the cutting edge, your clients will always have something to look forward to when they visit while also providing food for thought as their aquarium needs to be spruced up.

Supply is picking up and we are expecting some real treats to show up daily as we prepare to provide our loyal customers with an almost mind-numbing selection. Stay tuned!

I know I featured them last week as well, but the selection of Australian Scolymia (Scolymia australis) here right now is amazing. The current selection has been in our system for a couple weeks and they have plumped up on the mega feedings we've headed their way. If you want a fat, healthy Scoly, now's the time.

On the "weird inverts" front, we have a few nice Peacock Mantis Shrimps (Odontodactylus scyllarus) here right now that are showing great coloration. If you have a customer who is "that guy" this is definitely "that invert".

We have some very nice Fighting Conchs (Strombus sp.) in a larger size that we don't get that often. Nothing beats these guys for sand bed clean up, especially in larger displays.

From our SSC in Fiji, we some really excellent MAC Two Tone Wrasses (Halichoeres prosopeion). These are fat, eating well, and a few are just segueing out of their juvenile coloration. These are a hardy wrasse that really looks great under actinic lighting.

We have an extremely limited supply of show size Golden Puffers (Arothron meleagris) that are some of the best colored I have ever seen. Pull the trigger on these, you won't be disappointed.

Lastly, from our East Americas SSC we have a limited supply of small Candy Basslets (Liopropoma carmabi). These are perfect examples of the species, the striping looks just electric. In addition, they are all eating like pigs, and are nearly as fat as one.