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Bob's Picks

I am out of the office this weekend because I am at MACNA and hoping to see some of you here. While talking to people here, I realize how much we talk about supply lines at QM. It's crucial to our mission to constantly choose the best, shortest, and most sustainable and revisit these decisions constantly. We track individual suppliers and items to constantly look for any issue that may arise before it becomes a real problem. What often goes overlooked in the public's eye is the human side of this. Collectors are at the very center of this process. We have high demands from them, and we cannot afford to take good ones for granted.

It takes years of practice to be able to collect at all, let alone efficiently and without damaging the targeted specimen or the reef. Frequently fish need to be decompressed, which is a skill in and of itself. Finding people who have this skill set, and can be depended on while keeping the health and husbandry animals at the forefront is a challenge. Maintaining these relationships is a primary focus of what we do, we consider these people and relationships to be among our most valuable assets. Without this commitment it would be impossible to provide the standard we aspire to.

From our Fiji MAC certified Short Supply Chain we are getting in some very nice Hypselosoma Stocky Pink Anthias (Pseudanthias hypselosoma). These feed quite heartily and have a beautiful pastel coloration with blood red markings.

Another great item from our Fiji MAC SSC is the Bicolor Foxface (Siganus uspi). These are the perfect size for those looking for something out of the ordinary in algae control.

From Sumatra we have a limited number of Black Spot Surgeonfish (Acanthurus bariene) in assorted larger sizes. These would make an awesome addition to larger sized reef displays and they are displaying exceptional coloration.

We have a super selection of Short Tentacle Plate Corals (Fungia sp.) from our Australian and Central Pacific supply lines. Take your pick from Purples, Greens, Oranges or some eye-popping multicolor variants.

Our Indonesian supply line sent over a great shipment of Aquacultured Metallic Green Torch Corals (Euphyllia glabrescens). These come from one of the great mariculture projects in Bali and look fantastic.