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Bob's Picks

I was recently going through an old photo album of mine from the mid-80s and saw some pictures of my old reef aquarium. I will admit the animals looked pretty darn good, but compared to some of the talented aquarists of today, the tank looked quite archaic. Keep in mind the lighting available then was either standard fluorescent T-12 tubes or the old style sodium halogen fixtures and protein skimmers were being touted as the next big thing. That awesome aquarium of mine would probably now qualify as just a pretty good refugium.

The huge strides we have made in our abilities as aquarists in such a relatively short period of time is quite remarkable. Yet even with all of our advancements on the husbandry side, you cant discount how important it is to start off with healthy livestock. As we often say, you can easily make a good fish bad, but its next to impossible to make a bad fish good. Ultimately our success as hobbyists hinges, not only on how good our husbandry or our aquariums is, but also on how our animals were treated from point of collection to your tank. There should never be shortcuts in the handling procedure, as its either done correctly or not. This is the main reason why we here at QM strive to ensure the proper handling of all of our livestock at every stop through the chain of distribution. Its with this philosophy that we can best ensure that our customers will experience a positive result and share that success with their customers.

From our Short Supply Chain MAC certified supplier in Fiji we are starting to receive another run of the Fusilier Damsel (Lepidozygus tapeinosoma). These unusual damsels are a good schooling fish and are not as aggressive as other damsels.

From our SSC suppliers in the Caribbean we are getting in some very colorful Lantern Basslets (Serranus baldwini). Reminiscent of a Hawkfish these uniquely patterned fish with their interesting personality make for an interesting addition.

Our Sri Lankan supply line has come through with a great batch of Blue and Red Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus rubriventralis). These are sporting some excellent dorsal rays and are the perfect size for a nano aquarium.

This week offers another mix of sampler packs for those new to Quality Marine. Be sure to ask your Customer Service Representative for this weeks offerings as they are an excellent buy for those that want to try out a range of different species.

Indonesia sent over some great pieces of Red Wellsophyllia Rose Brain (Trachyphyllia geoffroyi) and they are an Added Value Special as well. These are some truly spectacular pieces for the LPS fan.