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Bob's Picks

One of the most critical keys to our success is the longstanding relationship that we have had with the majority of our suppliers. Through extensive communication, we have fostered great business relationships and shared our knowledge with each other to better the husbandry provided to the livestock through all levels of the chain. Many times its just a matter of minor tweaking of handling practices that ends up in a huge improvement on the arrival side. Sometimes its realizing the limitation of what a station is capable of producing at our standard of quality. By this I mean a station may produce 30 very good specimens of a particular fish, but when the demand reaches 60 the quality might diminish substantially. Its typically not a matter of the exporters system being incapable of holding the additional heads but more commonly an issue of how animals are contained during collection and transported back to the station. As holding capacity is limited during collection, certain protocols may be compromised because of the additional demand. What may seem like an easy decision to send another boat just doesnt pencil out as this usually comes at an additional expense that may not be able to be recouped by the collectors.

It is often a more responsible decision to not compromise the quality from one collection area and rather source from another exporter. As I always say, its a complex puzzle and to do it responsibly requires quite a bit of thought and great communication between the importer and the collector. Ultimately, theres nothing better than experience to be able to hit the sweet spot where you get that good mix of maximizing supply while at the same time not compromising the health of the animals.

This week we received an exceptionally nice shipment of Radiant Wrasse (Halichoeres iridis) from Kenya. These are beautiful fish, but be warned, these do get to be pretty large when fully grown and will eat many of the smaller crustaceans that are commonly kept in the reef aquarium.

From our Short Supply Chain MAC supplier in Fiji we received another superb batch of Double Bar Rabbitfish (Siganus doliatus). These are one of my favorite Rabbitfish as the Fijian adult coloration is absolutely awesome, plus they are great for algae control!

Another oddity from our SSC MAC Fiji supply line is the Mimic Saddle Filefish (Paraluterus prionurus). These neat fish mimic the Valentini Toby (Canthigaster valentine) which helps to protect it from would-be predators as the Toby is a much less palatable fish. We have a limited number available so if you are looking for something out of the ordinary this is it.

From our Indonesian supply line we received Pink, Yellow and Green Sea Cucumbers (Colochirus crassus / Pentacta anceps) this past week. These filter feeding echinoderms are vibrantly colored and a super size.

We have been getting in from Indonesia some very good red colored Button Coral (Cynarina lacrymalis) and this week the selection is exceptional for this relatively hardy LPS coral.