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Bob's Picks

Sometimes its not easy being the little guy on the block. Our industry, amongst the rest of the industries that rely on collecting animals from the oceans, is very visible which makes us easy targets when it comes to placing blame for the increasing pressures being put on the coral reefs of the world. Just to get an idea of the scale of our industry, a recent study showed approximately 100 tones of marine fish are imported globally each year, while the food fish industry catches 100,000,000 tons each year and approximately 27,000,000 tons of by catch are discarded over the sides of boats each year.

Of all the outside influences that our worlds oceans are being subjected to on a daily basis, the collection of ornamental fishes is probably the least intrusive yet the most cognizant of sustainability and environmental impact. If there ever was a grassroots industry, this would be a prime example, and it is taking a herculean effort to coordinate a unified front. Ornamental fish collection is the embodiment of pursuing a passion that is rarely seen elsewhere. True collectors are in tune with their environment and are well aware of the fall-out from employing unethical practices or undue collection pressures. The impact civilization alone has on our oceans is immeasurable as is evidenced by ocean acidification, increasing water temperature, growing dead zones.

Our industry should serve as a reminder to the world that wonders reside below the oceans surface and we all have been entrusted with the responsibility for its care. As we move forward in our stewardship of the planet, I believe we need to ask ourselves Are we part of the problem or are we part of the solution?

This week we have a few, very cool little Cubicus Trunkfish (Ostracion cubicus) in small or medium sizes and eating frozen foods as well as ova.

We also have some outstanding Black Melanopus Clowns (Amphiprion melanopus) that are well acclimated and showing good color.

We also have some MAC SSC Orange Spot Filefish. (Oxymonacanthus longirostris) that are useful for aiptasia control and gorgeous to boot. With fish this delicate, that Short Supply Chain makes all the difference.

We have an excellent supply of Aquacultured Yellow Rim Purple People Eater Palys.(Palythoa sp.) these are a really popular item for us right now, get em while they last.

If you are looking for a different anemone to grab some attention we have some Strawberry Rock Flower Anemones that just came in.

Lastly, we really have ton of cool stuff right now, in super small quantities so I don't have time or space to get into it all. Angels, Triggers, Wrasses, the floor is loaded with one and two quantity specimens that you will have to hear about from your Sales Staff. Give em a call.