News / Company News / Bob's Picks (08/05/11)

Bob's Picks

So far, its been one great summer for Quality Marine both in terms of variety and consistency. This coming week should see even more new arrivals here at QM as we continue to bring in new and different supply lines.

As the dog days of summer linger on, its more important than ever to keep the variety coming as a means of keeping your clients interest levels up. I cant harp on this enough, but its hard to maintain any excitement if you just keep pounding away at having the same stock swimming around in your aquariums. In doing that one of the only ways to entice your customers is to keep reducing your selling price, which is the last thing you need when sales are slower.

In this age, when so much information is available at your fingertips, variety is the key. The internet has done wonders to increase our knowledge of animal husbandry and our awareness of the diversity that is found in our worlds oceans. This awareness, however, sometimes places unrealistic expectations on the availability of certain species. It is one thing to take a picture of a species in the wild, yet it becomes an entirely different scenario once we try to collect that same species. There are a number of extenuating factors that can inhibit the collection of a new species of which SUSTAINABILITY should be the number one concern. We are doing our very best to not only offer the highest quality Marine Fish & Invertebrates the industry has to offer but also the largest selection on a daily basis.

From our sources in the Caribbean we are getting in some brightly colored Lantern Basslets (Serranus baldwini). These are exhibiting exceptional orange coloration and would do well in most displays but would prey on crustaceans.

Our source in the West Americas sent over some very nice large Barberfish (Pseudochaetodon nigrirostris). These would look great in a large display highlighting species from the Sea of Cortez.

Another item rarely seen in the trade is the Giant Hawkfish (Cirrhitus rivulatus) and we have a limited number available. Please keep in mind these do have a pugnacious temperament and will get quite large.

We have some amazingly vivid Green Encrusting Montipora sp.. These are a relatively hardy coral and they are showing off some radioactive coloration. These generally come from brightly lit areas of the reef which are exposed to high flow, so they will do well when provided similar conditions.

One of my favorite decapods is the Antler Staghorn Hermit Crab (Manucomplanus varians). Their shell is encased in the hydrocoral Janaria mirabilis and make an interesting addition to the reef aquarium.