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Bob's Picks

The continual challenges of being the livestock acquisition manager for Quality Marine never fails to remind me of the intricate nature of our industry and how many factors influence our supply. Our collectors are subject to a myriad of obstacles not withstanding water visibility and temperature, ocean conditions, fish runs, and the ever changing/unpredictable weather which is common in tropical locals. These tropical storms regularly take out the power to our suppliers and also can affect the transport of the animals to the export station. Add these together and you can see how the efforts of collectors, especially those who are environmentally responsible go unnoticed. This is only one small piece of the constantly evolving puzzle that livestock acquisition presents. Religious holidays and cultural traditions are another element which can change the dynamics of the puzzle as they often can shut down collection areas for weeks at a time.

As supply is lacking from certain suppliers, we need to quickly adapt and find supply for those items from alternate vendors in order to meet the demands of our customers. As it should, preference always goes to the more sustainable stations which consistently yield higher quality animals. Ultimately the picture is much more complex than many realize and our goal in livestock acquisition at QM is to consistently provide the highest quality, responsibly collected marine organisms just as if all of these problems never even happen.

From our Costa Rican supplier we have in some large Bigeye Catalufa (Pristigenys serrula). These are large sized nocturnal predators and are truly an oddball. Their bright red color is truly an eye catcher.

Our Short Supply Chain in Tonga came up with an awesome batch of large Blue Stripe Snappers (Lutjanus kasmira). A great schooling fish for those extra large fish displays, their yellow body coloration really sets off the blue stripes.

From our SSC in the Maldives we received a really nice sized batch of Sailfin Desjardin Tangs (Zebrasoma desjardinii). These would make a good addition to the large reef display in need of some algae control.

Another hot reef item from our Tongan SSC is the Red Brittle Star (Ophiomastix sp.). These colorful beauties make great scavengers and have a really cool banded pattern on their legs.

Tonga came through with another super colorful shipment of Montipora sp. corals. We have been getting some really special pieces so be sure to talk to your CSR and have them snatch up a few for you.