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Bob's Picks

The Holy month of Ramadan starts on August 1st this year and historically the supply of specimens during this period becomes more limited. In the past, supply has started out in good shape but then becomes tighter as the month progresses. Eid Al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan (approximately August 30th this year) and we project that supply will be most impacted starting from this point and continuing for another two weeks after.

As this happens every year, we have developed mechanisms to help us be more prepared for this (and all the other disruptions that arise) by taking advantage of the numerous alternative supply lines we have at our disposal. Frequently we are able to source species from a number of regions; and because we maintain an extensive supply network, we have secondary and tertiary sources for a large portion of our stock. In this way we are able to use sources that still produce high quality, healthy animals so we can in turn minimize the impact of any event on our standards and on your business.

From our Sri Lanka supply line we received some very nice Bluefin Angels (Centropyge multispinus). The coloration is reminiscent of a mix between a Coral Beauty and Midnight Nox Angel and is an under-appreciated specimen.

From our MAC Certified supplier in Cebu we have an excellent assortment of Starry Blennies (Salarias ramosus). These are a much more stunning alternative to a regular Sailfin Algae Blenny.

Our Tonga Short Supply Chain has come up with the Gold Domino Damsels (Dascyllus auripinnis). These are a beautiful damsel and as they mature the gold coloration becomes even more pronounced.

We received from our breeder a shipment of Colored Ingens Seahorses (Hippocampus ingens). Also known as the Pacific Seahorse these can obtain a size up to 30 cm. These are aquacultured and are feeding greedily.

From our supply line in Indonesia we have in stock some outstanding maricultured Green Honeywall Coral (Euphyllia sp). These have excellent polyp extension and good tissue growth onto the skeletal structure.

A great item for summertime hair algae control is the Lettuce Nudibranch (Elysia crispata). We are offering some great lot pricing on these right now.