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Bob's Picks

Every summer, we really focus on making sure there is a diverse selection of fish, with a few of those real cherries that arent often seen so you can tempt that picky summer customer. Were heading into August and weve already seen really excellent assortment of these oddities. Summer isnt over yet, and we have a few more of these items to pull out of the proverbial hat, so keep checking in with us.

While Quality Marine has built its reputation as the leader in providing the Marine Ornamental industry with the highest quality fish around, what has flown under the radar has been our continually growing inventory of hard and soft corals and a whole gamut of invertebrates. Our far reaching network of global supply lines puts us in direct contact with the worlds best coral collectors and mariculture farms and we utilize these relationships to bring you the same kind of one-of-kind specimens that you need.

For those of you who cant manage the trip here very often, the Quality Marine website not only provides a portal to our fantastic and functional online ordering system but it also features a WYSIWYG tab and the associated benefits of that technology. Another way you can see these kinds of amazing pieces is to check out theQuality Marine FaceBook page. This medium lets us show you some of the treasures we offer in an entirely new and refreshing perspective.

This week we got a small, but extremely healthy batch of Show Size Achilles Tangs (Acanthurus achilles) that are just stunners.

We also received an another amazing selection of Pink Button Palythoa (Palythoa sp) this week. These have just the brightest pink faces with bright yellow eyes. Wow. Just Wow.

We have a very limited number of Juvenile Dragon Wrasses (Novaculichthys taeniourus) that are in robust condition, and also a very unique shade of green. Item# 1335306.

From our Culture Facility in the Central Pacific, we have an oustanding selection of Blue Eye Flower Pot Corals (Goniopora sp.) that are showing amazing polyp extension and vibrant coloration.

Another one of the Culture Facilities sent in a stellar batch of Galaxy Clarkii Clownfish. These have quite a bit of the aberrant spotting of this variant, and are in killer shape to boot.

Lastly, for the NPS lovers out there, we have a good stock of Black & Green Tube Corals (Tubastrea micracantha) that are jet black and showing good extension already.