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Bob's Picks

Do you ever wonder about all of the species that go unnoticed by collectors due to their seemingly non-existent demand by hobbyists? As a result of the ever-evolving nature of our industry, very few things are written in stone when it comes to collection and the demand for various species. Of course there are your bread and butter items such as yellow tangs, flame angels, blue devil damsels, etcbut what of the numerous blennies and gobies that are unique in either behavior or subtle color variations as an example? Some of these species might make excellent aquarium inhabitants just from the standpoint that they do not get overly large sized and adapt well to a captive environment. Their only "drawback" is they do not display flashy attention-getting coloration, but upon closer inspection some may reveal subtle yet very interesting and appealing pigmentation or perhaps intriguing personalities. Pictures in many cases do not reveal all of the attributes of many species.

What further exacerbates these items going un-noticed is that in many cases collectors have limitations on how many species they are able to hold on their vessel. Naturally, they focus on the more sought after items and those that can maximize the amount of money they can make for a given trip. This leads to many species being overlooked or left behind simply because of their perceived lack of value to the hobbyists. With this perspective you can begin to see why new or different items only pop up every now and thenwhile what may be a hit may have been swimming just under the divers nose all along.

Weve just received an outstanding batch of small Dogface puffers (Arothron nigropunctatus) from the Philippines. These are right at the cute size in the 2-2.5 range and are sure to catch some attention with their playful personality.

Another fish that we have in good health and numbers this week is the Blue Hippo Tang (Paracanthurus hepatus). Weve got a great selection of varied sizes from Tiny to Large.

Our Blue, White Spotted puffers (Arothron meleagris) from Costa Rica are also looking great this week. Weve got a small batch of large fish in the 5-6 range. These will go fast, so be sure to call your CSR to have one set aside for your shipment.

Weve got a nice mix of White Flame Scallops (Lima sp. ) as well as the Red Flame (Lima scabra) variety to help fuel your customers fire for oddball creatures. These are a unique filter feeding invert that can add a nice splash of color to the reef aquarium.

Our SSC in Tonga has really been heating up recently and sending some phenomenal corals. This week weve got a great assortment of Open Red Brain Lobos (Lobophyllia sp. ) with fantastic coloration. The Green Fluorescent Mushrooms (Actinodiscus sp. ) arent just fluorescent, these are screaming neon under actinics! Last but not least, we also have a small quantity of the Green Finger Sinularia (Sinularia sp. ) which has great green coloration and healthy looking bases.