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Bob's Picks

Whenever I am doing my morning rounds of our facility, inspecting the livestock from the previous days arrivals, I am still amazed at the diversity of coral species that are now available to us all. Not to diminish the beauty of marine fish but in appearance, a yellow tang is a yellow tang. The main thing separating one from another is the degree of care and husbandry involved from point of collection to distribution. Corals, on the other hand, are a whole different topic and are so subjective to the eye of the beholder.

Because of their stationary nature corals collected at one depth may look entirely different from the same exact species collected at a different depth. Water flow is another dynamic that can affect the appearance of the coral in growth form and color too. What I love is that you can have 30 pieces of Trachyphyllia geoffroyi and not a single one will be identical. Each piece will have its own distinctive attribute much like a fingerprint or a snowflake. Subtle variations in coloration abound. While it makes my job as the buyer that much more difficult due to the lack of consistency among pieces (compared to fish), I always look forward to seeing what goodies our suppliers collected for us and checking out the new variety of shapes and colors of the corals.

We received some choice small female Watanabe Angels (Genicanthus watanabei) this past week from our Philippine supply line. These reef safe angels are gorgeous and are already eating frozen Mysis.

From our Short Supply Chain in Tahiti we got in a fat batch of Dragonface Pipefish (Corythoichthys intestinalis) that are looking good. Be sure to pick up a few before they are gone. Nutramar Ova is an excellent food to help keep these unique characters fat and happy.

One of our SSC's in the Caribbean sent through another fine shipment of Blue Reef Chromis (Chromis cyanea) and these iridescent blue gems have been absolutely awesome and holding up great.

Our MAC certified SSC in Fiji has been coming through with a nice mix of sizes of Two Bar Rabbitfish (Siganus doliatus). These hard working hair algae eaters are simply stunning when they attain full adult coloration.

From our exclusive Cook Island supply we have in some Derasa Clams (Tridacna derasa) that are simply brilliant. Be sure to get your Customer Service Representative to select a few of these good sized beauties for you.