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Bob's Picks

Another kick start to the summer season and some parts of the US are really sizzling - both in sales and temperatures. The East Coast has seen some extremely high temperatures as has much of the rest of the country. In these times, I can't stress enough how debilitating heat is to our aquatic friends, much more so than cold really. Remember that fish are cold-blooded animals and ambient temperatures determine the state of their physiology. I have found through numerous shipments just how devastating heat can be on the animals.

As temperatures rise, the oxygen demand of the animals increases while at the same time the waters ability to hold oxygen decreases. In addition, as the metabolic rate increases so does the amount of waste being produced! While high temperatures are to be avoided, another point to remember is that drastic temperature swings should be avoided as well. Your animals may have done just fine in transit when exposed to higher temperatures as the temperature in the bag increases quite slow and steadily over time, especially in our specially insulated boxes. Now upon arrival and prior to acclimation, its always wise to take temperature readings and take the necessary steps to gradually acclimatize them to your system temperature. The key word is gradually as rapid temperature swings can cause the animals to go into shock. Cutting the boxes open in a dimly lit room and adjusting to room temperature is always a good idea if there is an excessive difference in temperature between the bag water and your system.

As a general rule, it's always good to inform your Customer Service Representative if your area is experiencing any type of weather extremes. Transportation is always a stress inducing environment and the more we can do to lessen that stress, the greater success we will all have.

This week from our Short Supply Chain in the Maldives we received a limited number of Orange Regal Angels (Pygoplites diacanthus) and they look great. Very alert with good body weight. They have excellent coloration too.

From our supplier in Indonesia we have a good supply of Red Spot Cardinalfish (Apogon parvulus). Their size makes them a perfect addition for the Nano aquarist looking for a schooling fish.

Another gem from our SSC in the Maldives is the Vlamingi Tang (Naso vlamingii). These sub-adults are good sized, so they will need a very large aquarium to display properly. These are magnificent fish!

From our SSC in Tonga we have an outstanding selection of Male and Female Banana Wrasse (Thalassoma lutescens). The males are sporting stunning coloration and would make a great addition for the fish only enthusiast.

For the coming week we will be offering a massive selection of hard corals, so be sure to get with your CSR to steer you to your needs. We also have another summer sizzling Soft Coral and Polyp Package this week that offers huge savings and gives you a great mix.

Last but not least we got a super batch of Spider Sponge from Australia. This unusual symbiosis of sponge and polyp is totally unique.