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Bob's Picks

Bringing a shipment of marine animals into the United States is astoundingly complex and making sure it goes off without a hitch is often quite the challenge. When importing any species listed as CITES the attention to detail must be intensified and being the importer of record we need to ensure all of our ts are crossed and is are dotted. Making sure that all the paperwork has been filed correctly the first time is critical as our consignments are of such delicate nature and are already stressed due to their transit from the export station. Prolonging this time can often be disastrous for the animals.

By comparison with international import restrictions, shipments within the U.S. are relatively easily managed, however there are still rules to be followed. The ultimate responsibility that each shipment has the necessary paperwork correctly filed and within the law lies with the consignee (the buyer). Every state has different regulations as to what is allowed and often times restricted species require a special permit. Usually these regulations are enforced by that state's Department of Fish & Game and information as to what is permitted is usually posted on their website. As these regulations are constantly evolving, it is of utmost importance that anyone who receives shipments of live animals be aware of all state regulations.

From our Short Supply Chain in Puerto Rico, we received an outstanding shipment of small Rock Beauty (Holacanthus tricolor) and they have excellent color.

From our MAC certified supplier in the Philippines we have a very limited number of Segmented Blennies (Salarias segmentatus). These blennies have a very cool pattern and their size makes them perfect for the nano size aquarium.

Our SSC MAC certified supplier in Fiji outdid themselves with this weeks shipment of Yellow Goatfish (Parupeneus cyclostomus). They are really good sized and they have absolutely vibrant, solid yellow coloration.

From our South Pacific collectors we have been getting in some really exquisite Red Open Brain Corals (Lobophyllia sp.). They have a really deep red coloration and some of the pieces even have splashes of a fluorescent green in the center. Have your CSR hand pick a piece or two for you.

Lastly, and most importantly, in honor of our Independence Day we are offering a number of different Coral and Clam packages so that our customers may get a sampling of our selections at a great price. Ask your CSR for more details and have a safe holiday!