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Bob's Picks

I admit it, I am a bona fide fish geek and still have multiple aquariums at home, even though I am around hundreds of aquariums daily at work. At the start of our current economic turmoil I had considered taking down my aquariums (perish the thought!) in an effort to take some work off my plate and reduce my expenses, especially since Im a single father raising 2 sons. After some serious soul searching, I realized that the value of the home aquarium in many cases (at least mine) goes far beyond saving a few bucks on electricity and fish supplies. First of all I just plain love having an aquarium. I never stopped really, even though I dread the routine maintenance just like the majority of other aquarists. What I found to be a more important consideration was related to the infatuation my kids have with computers, video games and television and how much they are missing out on the natural wonders of our oceans. Imagination and appreciation of our environment need nurturing and I feel by having my hobby I am in a subtle manner exposing my children to these aspects. I relate it to how I was first introduced to aquariums, when a childhood friend took me to a local tropical Fish store. It was then when I was introduced to a part of our world that I previously was unaware existed. As I continually try to source out the highest quality marine fish and invertebrates that are collected in the most environmentally sound and sustainable manner, I feel quite fortunate to be of service to all of our customers whether it is the small mom and pop fish stores or large public aquariums. This is especially important to me as I know each of you serve as another outlet to share my love for the oceans with others and spark new interests in an amazing underwater world.

Finally, after months of work we received our shipment of Cook Island clams and they are truly exceptional. The (Tridacna maxima) are absolutely stunning and bound to please. Make sure you have your CSR round up some for you.

From our Australian supply chain we have in Barrier Reef Chromis (Chromis nitida). These are not seen in the trade frequently and are large sized, perfect for that large display in need of a shoaling type of fish.

Get em while they are massive our Purple Firefish (Nemateleotris decora) from our Short Supply Chain in the Maldives are absolutely huge this week.

We received from our collector in the Keys a very nice batch of large size Lookdown (Selene vomer) and they are in great shape and eating well.

Another stunning shipment of Bali aquacultured corals are back in stock, be sure to get your CSR to give you the lowdown.