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Bob's Picks

After speaking to a number of individuals last week at Interzoo, I had to take a moment to reflect on how intricate the entire process is for bringing wild caught marine specimens to market. A lot of you might ask, why should this matter to the hobbyist? In all honesty, this should be a prime concern to all hobbyists as it is one of the areas that can have the most impact on the level of success that they experience. A live marine specimen is something that cannot be valued on price alone as the number of factors that can affect their vitality is immense.

The very first situation to consider is the collection process.

Commitment to care comes at a price. All fish during the process of capture and transport are subjected to varying levels of stress. One of the most common issues is that too many specimens are put into each collection bucket. Decompressing fish too quickly can have disastrous results. This exponentially increases the chances of at least minor cosmetic damage, if not something more serious.

If we are press our supplier for a lower price, of course he is going to then exert the same pressure on his collectors. Where are the margins where the collector can make this difference up? The most common response is to collect in more damaging ways, moving more quickly, decompressing faster, and/or packing more heads into collection vessels.

What is the result? We now have a lower cost fish but at what expense? Here at Quality Marine we take an entirely different approach if we want the highest quality specimens, we need to offer our suppliers a fair price in exchange for the level of care which we require. The handling of the specimens must be the priority which in turn will make for a healthier animal, and in the end a more successful hobbyist.

This week from our SSC in Fiji, we have a great selection of Canary Blennies (Meiacanthus oualanensis). These are eating ferociously and showing that brilliant yellow they are famous for.

We have some very tame Chrysurus Angels (Pomacanthus chrysurus). For an aquarist looking for a show size angel and wants something different, this is just the ticket.

We also have a very limited supply of Male Golden Fairy Wrasses (Cirrhilabrus rhomboidalis) also called Golden Rhomboid Wrasses. This isn't a consistent stock item so if you want one, don't wait.

Our Neon Orange Plate Corals (Fungia sp.) are showing good polyp extension and are outstandingly pretty.

We have a great supply of Lavender Mushroom Corals (Rhodactis sp.) that are really gorgeous.

We have some really outstanding weekly promos this week, so be sure to give your sales rep a call on Tuesday. Happy Memorial Day!