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Bob's Picks

The internet is a wonderful tool and provides such an immense educational resource. Thanks to this weve seen a rekindled interest in many previously overlooked species. In addition, there has been an increase in demand for animals that arent commonly available in the trade.

Ive noticed that with this access to information, we sometimes lose perspective on what is involved in sourcing certain species and the various difficulties therein. The distribution information most readily available, such as desired habitat and depth, are just a couple of the many components of what can be a very complex chain of distribution. A fish may have a large range where it occurs but rarely does it mean that they are found in large numbers.

Not only do we need to abide by the regulations set down by international bodies such as CITES, but there is also the U.S. government, and we also must abide by the laws set in place by the exporting country and their Department of Fisheries. These layers often make sourcing animals extremely complex.

Fortunately, weve been doing this a while and many of our vendor relationships extend well over 20 years. Quality Marine counts on these relationships to be able to consistently supply not only the highest quality livestock but also the largest variety to meet the varied demands of our customers, and ultimately, their customers.

We have great supply of itsy bitsy Clown Triggers here, but we also have a single, huge Clown Trigger (Balistoides conspicillum) that is a just amazing fish. If you are looking for a totally engaged showpiece for a massive aquarium, this is THE fish. He loves people (or at least the food we bring...)

One of our Culture Facilities sent us a killer (but limited in number) group of Aquacultured Threadfin Lookdowns (Selene vomer) that are hungrily taking down any food we throw at them. They have nice long threads and are about the size of a quarter. Super neat.

From one of our SSCs in the Central Pacific, we got an excellent batch of Aurulentus Anthias (Pseudanthias aurulentus). These are in robust health, are a very nice size, and have outstanding color. They are taking a mix of thawed Gamma Foods.

There are a few very neat Octopodes (Octopus sp.) in stock right now with great coloration that are eating well and nicely conditioned to feeding. There aren't many, and the colors and patterns are very nice.

From our Reefhab line, we have a limited number of Reefhab Acan Frags (Acanthastrea lordhowensis) here that are ready for homes. Ask you sales rep about the color morphs that are available.

For those of you interested in the rarest, neatest and coolest, make sure you check out this week's WYSIWYG for an awesome selection of multicolor Pectina, and some mind blowing Pavona Corals, among others.