News / Company News / Bob's Picks (05/21/10)

Bob's Picks

I was thinking about what to write about this morning during my walk around the facility when I came across a few of the corals brought in by one of the supply lines that we have been actively working on developing. In the shipment we got, there are new species and new color morphs that Ive never seen before. This all just makes me think about the vast diversity of animals that are available these days to the aquarist.

There are several reasons why we are seeing a greater diversity. With increased demand for rare and unusual specimens, collectors are venturing farther to find new species and also opening up collection sites in new regions. Another reason why we see more diversity is due to the fact that advancements in the hobby have made it easier to keep certain animals healthy in captivity. Items previously overlooked due to being difficult to keep are now making their way into the market much more frequently. We view this as a great trend in our hobby as it opens our opportunities to learn more about a greater cross section of animals and get a better understanding of their care requirements. One other benefit that is grossly overlooked is how much of a financial impact our trade has on local collectors. The value for a live fish or coral is far greater than that of one for the food trade and as such provides a better living for local collectors. There is nothing like visiting some of our suppliers in these developing countries and meeting some of these people, knowing that we help them to make a living.

As always Quality Marine strives to bring you the largest availability on a daily basis with shipments arriving continuously and this week is no exception. We received a pair of Japanese Long-fin Anthias (Pseudanthias cf ventralis 1) from Marshall Islands and we should have some pictures up soon. As with any color variant each is special in their own unique way.

From Mexico we received a limited number of Browncheek Blennies (Acanthemblemaria crockeri). A close relative to the barnacle blenny, these secretive gobies are a real treat to watch.

Our MAC certified Short Supply Chain in Fiji sent over a superb shipment of Mimic Lemonpeel Tang (Acanthurus pyroferus) and they are absolutely glowing. What a great way to get the colors of a lemonpeel in your tank without worrying if it will nip any of your corals or clams.

For those who like large fish from Australia we have a stellar batch of Hifin Coradion Butterflyfish (Coradion altivelis) and they are eating greedily.

I was going over our coral inventory and to put it simply it is huge, gems galore and your CSR is your tool to steer you in the right direction. From large wild collected pieces to nano frags our current inventory is awesome!