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Bob's Picks

Today, I'm reporting from Nuremberg, Germany, and I'm just about to head out for my second day at Interzoo 2012. I'm already excited about the new supply prospects I've met in only one day of attendance. In the very near future Quality Marine customers should be seeing some new items appearing on our already extensive stock list. I am also taking the time to visit with our current suppliers to see what possible new species are available, discuss packing techniques and other aspects that are vital to supplying our clients with the highest quality marine specimens our industry has to offer.

Interzoo is a biennial Pet Industry trade show and is certainly the worlds largest show for Aquatics. If given the opportunity, it is an experience industry professionals should be sure to take advantage of. The sheer immensity of the event can be overwhelming, but the product showcase and the opportunity for knowledge cannot be understated.

It is hard to go wrong with Aquacultured Percula Clowns. They are a staple of the hobby and for good reason. They are hardy, attractive, totally reef safe, fairly easy to pair and breed. They will host in a variety of anemones, but really will do just as well (and in many instances better) without one. Put a couple of these in a child height display, and kids will drag their parents over to them yelling NEMO! It never fails.

A slightly rarer fish that will keep more advanced hobbyists intrigued is the Female Squareback Anthias. These should be bought and kept in groups of at least 3. The most dominant will eventually turn into a male and guard the others (the males are stunning by the way). This is a fish that should be fed multiple times per day. While we feed them a mix of meaty foods, hobbyists would do well to add some pellets to their diet, which will allow them to use an automatic feeder for a couple of the meals needed by these high energy critters.

Emerald Crabs make a great addition to any cleanup crew. They eat a lot of unnoticed food, as well as a variety of algae, including bubble algae, which is hard to find natural predators for. I like them at a rate no more than 1 per 10 gallons of display volume. These too will spawn in the aquarium, which fish just go crazy for.

Green Button Polyps are one of our favorite corals for novice aquarists as they are a great confidence builder. They will tolerate and even thrive in a huge variety of conditions, but do really well in low to moderate light and slightly higher nutrient loads. In the more advanced hobbyist tanks they make good, fast growing rock cover that positively glow green when put under actinic lighting.