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Bob's Picks

As I watch the result of the oil leakage off the coast of Louisiana and the impact it is having on the ecosystem in the Gulf of Mexico I am reminded of how fragile our industry is. The long range effects of this catastrophe will linger for an untold amount of time and the reach of this disaster is incalculable. Take for example the Florida Keys as they are still recuperating from Hurricane Wilma back in 2005. How can you extrapolate the effect the oil spill will eventually have on the delicate eco-system found there? As oceans currents change, so does the impact different areas will experience.

As a whole the marine ornamental industry, when managed in an ecologically responsible manner and best collection practices are adhered to, is a valuable asset to the community it serves. Not only does it provide a means of commerce, it also raises the awareness of the local population about their reefs. As the inevitable accidents that will occur because of civilization, the opportunity exists for our industry to be a positive influence in the midst of tragedy. A truly thorough scientific assessment requires an enormous amount of data and this is one area where we, as an industry, can provide a vast amount of insight. Compared to the food fish industry our catch is minuscule, but by nature of our trade there exists a far more intimate relationship with the ecosystem. Our industry can provide a wealth of needed information, we just need to be asked.

Just in from the Florida Keys, we have a limited number of juvenile Blue Angels (Holacanthus isabelita) and they are looking great. Be sure to get one while they last.

QM is proud to be a strong supporter of MAC certification and from our MAC Short Supply Chain in Fiji we have in stock Diamond Watchman Goby (Valencienna puellaris). These hard working sand sifters are in awesome shape.

From our SSC in Maldives we have Desjardini Sailfin Tangs (Zebrasoma desjardini). Good algae eater and much more colorful than your average Sailfin Tang.

From our SSC in Tonga we have a very limited number of Bubble-Gum Chalice Coral (Echinophyllia sp.). These are some of the nicest chalice we've seen in a while and have great potential to color up even more.

Another great SSC item from Tonga is our Green & Purple Bullseye Mushroom (Rhodactis sp.) These mushrooms have a bright green center with a wide dark purple outer ring, very nice and quite tolerant of a variety of light levels!