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Bob's Picks

As always, here at Quality Marine we try to have as varied an inventory as possible every day of the week and this week was no exception. Even though May usually signifies the start of the summer season and many in our industry usually see a reduction in the amount of species available, we feel it is important to maintain a diverse selection especially during this period. We know our imagination is sparked by new and different species, and so is your customers.

A great way to keep the hobbyists coming in as the temperatures start to climb is by maintaining a fresh look in the shop. The people who do stop by are going to want to see something different and if you have it, it can go a long ways towards keeping your shop on the must stop by list.

One of the most perplexing problems we have during the summer is the abundance of some really spectacular coral specimens come through, and this is definitely a way to continue to draw customers. Our Customer Service Representatives are itching to get out on the hatchery floor and cherry pick some real gems for you, so be sure to take advantage.

On another note please let your CSR know if the arrival temperatures of your shipments are starting to climb. The weather in Los Angeles has been on the temperate side so if you are in need of cool packs be sure to let us know. As all of you are well aware the last thing you want is an over-heated shipment.

This week from our SSC in Fiji we a really good supply of MAC Male Melanarus Wrasses (Halichoeres melanurus). These are about as healthy and hardy a wrasse as you can get; the coloration on these is just crazy.

For your Nano display, we have some very small Tail Spot Blennies (Ecsenius stigmatura). These are a perfect Blenny for a small tank, in good shape and eating well.

We have such a killer selection of American Angels right now I am having a hard time choosing. The Rock Beauty's (Holacanthus tricolor) are outstanding, as are the Passer Angels (Holacanthus passer). The Queen Angels (Holacanthus ciliaris) are in a league of their own. You won't go wrong with any of them, just ask your sales rep to pick out a couple.

On the invert front, we have a lot of really good looking gorgonians right now, but the Orange Tree Gorgonians (Swiftia exserta) look really great. If gorgonians are your thing, check these out; just amazing coloration.

We also have a limited number of Neon Green Maze Brains (Platygyra sp) in stock right now. These are showing good extension and great coloration. Scoop em up quick.