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Bob's Picks

Times flies as always and warm weather has come early to many parts of North America. As we quickly approach the first of summer, now would be a good time to go over that maintenance checklist that tends to get neglected until the last minute. One of the items that should be at the top of the list is to make sure your chiller is in tip top shape and completely operational, this goes for both fish stores and hobbyists alike! After spending the winter (in most parts of the country) basically in hibernation it would be a good idea to give it the once over and confirm it is cooling properly. It never seems to fail in this hobby that equipment tends to malfunction at the worst possible time and a lot of stress could have been avoided with a little preventative maintenance/care.

For those hobbyists out there who plan to be away from their Aquarium for an extended period of time, it's always a good idea to give your "fish-sitter" the number of your local LFS as your back-up source for information. Every hobbyist should have at least one LFS that they have built a good rapport with and can use as a reference. Make sure all of your periodic maintenance is complete prior to departing, especially if for any extended period.

I know this may seem overly simplistic but, as we all have busy lives, I know when the travelling itch needs to be scratched sometimes in our haste little things can get overlooked.

From our Short Supply Chain in Fiji we have some MAC Marble Wrasses (Halichoeres hortulanus) that are in great shape. These are very useful fish in reef aquaria as they will eat a variety of pests. Just be wary of them with snails, stars and clams. These are in a really nice small size.

We have an excellent supply of Flameback angels (Centropyge acanthops) in stock right now. These are just vibrant and eating aggressively.

We have a limited supply of Male Eight Line Fairies (Paracheilinus octotaenia). We haven't seen males of this species in a long time, and these are simply spectacular.

On the invert side of things we have an excellent selection of Micro Zoanthids (Zoanthid sp.) with some outstanding coloration. These zoanthids do quite well in dimly lit areas, but quickly melt in high light scenarios. Keep this in mind when putting them in your display, and selling them to customers.

There is a seriously amazing selection of sps corals in house right now, both Wild and Aquacultured. Some of my favorites are the Aquacultured Montiporas (Montipora sp). Have your salesperson pick out a few choice pieces for your next order.