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Bob's Picks

It is always great to start the morning out on the floor, assessing the condition of the previous days arrivals and appreciating the job our suppliers do for us! That is the major benefit of long-term vendor relationships--counting on a high-quality, consistent supply with no surprises (unless, of course, its an unidentified species or new color variant). The communication between QM and its vendors is a critically important part of the process, as the exchange of information ultimately determines the degree of success experienced throughout the chain of custody. Every species has its own set of nuances that determine how well it adapts to the captive environment, and the first thing we do is search out the shortest supply chain, from point-of-collection to export. Ideally, we strive for less than 24 hours in transit. From there, we examine the degree of husbandry provided once the animal has reached the export station. We still have to consider transit time from the exporter to us, and we always look for the shortest route. Air freight expense is a major component in the cost--and the easiest aspect to reduce--but in doing so, the negative residual effect on the specimen is often irreversible. The number one priority is safe travel, with no impact on the long-term health of the animal. This is just one aspect of the QM commitment to providing the highest quality, most responsibly collected marine life in the industry.

We have in small Orange Shoulder Tangs, Acanthurus olivaeceus, and Two Spot Bristletooths, Ctenochaetus binotatus, from our MAC Certified Short Supply Chain in Fiji. They are two of this weeks Added Value Specials.

Our SSC supplier in the Maldives sent over an awesome batch of Yellow & Purple Wrasses, Halichoeres leucoxanthus, of varying sizes. These are a great schooling wrasses in their juvenile stage.

Another different item from our SSC in Fiji is the Black & White Chromis Chromis iomelas. The contrasting colors of these damsels are superb.

From our Indonesian supply line we have in a nice assortment of Red Button Coral Cynarina lacrymalis, a great choice for the LPS aquarist.

From our aquaculture sources in Tonga and Vanuatu we have in stock a good selection of Tridacna squamosa clams ready to go. Be sure to have your Customer Service Representative get you the color pattern youre looking for.