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Bob's Picks

Not all fish are created equal, in terms of shipping that is. Having been involved with the marine livestock industry since the late 70s I have seen countless numbers of species transported in a myriad of ways with some methods being far more successful than others. Due to a variety of conditional factors, some fish are simply unable to withstand long travel times from point of collection to export. I have found many species previously thought of as difficult to maintain or just dont ship well are more often than not getting a bad rap purely due to transit time issues, improper packing, and poor acclimation procedures. A reduced immune system and compromised physiology coupled with the stress of international travel is a recipe for disaster. When bringing in animals sensitive to shipping stresses, we do our homework noting basic water quality parameters on arrival (temperature, salinity, pH, DO, etc.), bag size, oxygen to water ratio, and condition of the animal. Once the fish are in our system we look for a robust feeding response and good body mass as an indicator of the overall health. We also access if they are actually eating the foods offered? If not, what does that particular animal prefer? Are they gaining body weight? Have the animals maintained their overall vibrancy? Its an ongoing process working with our vendors, acclimation department, and husbandry department to find the right techniques which in turn give us consistent positive results. More often than not, this effort translates into a fish that once was regarded as a difficult species to keep to one that we and our customers can continually share their success with.

From our Short Supply Chain in the Maldives we have a very colorful batch of Threadfin Anthias (Nemanthias carberryi) in stock. These hardy schooling fish take readily to frozen mysis.

Our Australian source has been sending us some very good Blue Assessor Basslets (Assessor macneilli). These basslets make a great addition to nano aquariums with their unusual upside down swimming habits. They have a more communal temperament than your more pugnacious dottybacks.

The run of Starcki Damsels (Chrysiptera starcki) is in full force as we are getting them from both Australia and Tonga right now. Both are in excellent condition and their rich blue is a striking contrast to the bright yellow coloration along their back. Get them while they are available!

If you need some filamentous algae control, we have a good amount of Lettuce Nudibranch (Elysia crispate). They are often the victim of getting sucked into pump intakes and overflow boxes, so take the necessary precautions to prevent this.

We have a great selection of corals in stock and more are on the way. Be sure to talk to your Customer Service Representative to give you the inside scoop!