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Bob's Picks

I look through my email box everyday and sometimes I'm just overwhelmed with the amount of suppliers across the world trying to sell their product to us. There are so many suppliers out there but very few have the consistency and quality that we are looking for. It's always difficult to wade through these contacts and guessing who might actually be a quality supplier and who isn't, although sometimes it is more apparent when they are not. In selecting a new supplier, we try to take all the guess work out of the equation and have a QM representative visit the export facility prior to receiving the first shipment. We do this with the intention of inspecting the holding conditions as well as to assess the husbandry techniques employed at that facility. Price isn't the only factor that dictates our interest, but more importantly we always look for a consistent, good quality specimen that is handled correctly. It is our belief that this in turn will offer long-term success for the marine hobbyist and the more successful the hobbyist, the longer they are likely to stay in the hobby.

This week's batch of Black Melanopus Clowns (Amphiprion melanopus) from our Short Supply Chain in Vanuatu are outstanding. The vivid orange coloration is a stark contrast to the jet black and they are a great size as well.

Another hot item from Vanuatu is the Black Cap Damsel (Chrysiptera rollandi) with its subliminal yet striking colors. If youre looking for that hardy fish that is out of the ordinary, this is the one.

From our MAC Certified SSC in Fiji we have in stock Golden Head Sleeper Gobies (Valencienna strigata) and an excellent selection of sizes. This hard working sand sifter will get the job done for those with a DSB.

For those with the large reef display we have a limited number of Sumatran XL sized Red Fin Foxface (Siganus magnificus). These specimens are in great health, color and are eating like horses.

For the nano reefer another new Reefhab item released this week was the Australian Red Blastomussa wellsi frag. Supply is limited so get them while they are available.