News / Company News / Bob's Picks (03/28/14)

Bob's Picks

Here at Quality Marine we are always on the lookout for new suppliers of marine specimens that share our same vision for the future health of the marine aquarium industry. We are also looking for another key component to maintaining our industry leading standards, and that is talented individuals we can add to the QM team. If you are energetic, share our passion for the marine hobby and are looking for a career within the industry then be sure to check out our Career Opportunities section found in the About Us section of our website. As QM continues to grow so does our need for committed and conscientious persons. We have a number of positions available so we encourage you to visit the webpage and review our current opportunities.

On the supply side we continually have great shipments full of diversity arriving daily and this week was no exception. We hope to pull a few rabbits out of the hat this coming week so be sure to check out our online stock list often!

One of our Australian vendors sent us an excellent batch of Pinecone or Pineapple Fish (Cleidopus gloriamaris). If you are looking for something to stop people in their tracks, this is it.

Another head turner that we have in good supply is the Cubicus Trunkfish (Ostracion cubicus). These are a perfect small size and are, for lack of a better term, totally adorable.

Lastly, we've been expanding our aquacultured stocklist right along and a new item showed up this week that wowed everyone. For the first time we are offering an Aquacultured Common Cleaner Wrasse (Labroides dimidiatus). There is an extremely limited stock of these right now, but the ones that are here are eating pellets. For those of you who don't get an opportunity to stock this fish this week, be sure to ask your account manager about the rest of the myriad of cultured offerings we do have in stock.

Staying with that cultured theme, we have an excellent supply of very nice Aquacultured Yellow Porites (Porites sp.) in stock right now. These are just brilliant yellow and have good polyp extension.

The last shipment of Tongan Elephant Nose Chalices (Oxypora sp.) we got is stunning. The same shipment also had some other genus of chalice that were equally stunning, be sure and inquire about these.

Lastly, if you are looking for a bigger that average lobster for a big display, be sure to get one of these Red Lobsters (Enoplometopus sp.). There aren't many, but they are nice and big and have great coloration.