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Bob's Picks

Quality Marine is an ardent supporter of marine aquaculture and mariculture projects around the globe. Currently we have well over 100 species and/or color variants in stock and ready to ship. It was not that long ago that availability of cultured items was mainly confined to a few species of Clownfish but as advancements have been made so has our ability to offer more and more of these items to our clients. Now, not only do we have all the standard clowns, and tons of designer color variations but the list of other available aquacultured fish continues to grow.

Great strides have also been made by many of the Coral mariculture projects we're involved with and there are some truly exceptional specimens being produced with such regularity that wild harvest pales in comparison. What this ultimately means to the hobbyist is that many of those previously hard to get and expensive color variants will be obtainable on a much more consistent basis.

The coming year offers much promise and breakthroughs regarding breeding previously "next to impossible species." We hope you share in our excitement at the possibilities!

This week we started carrying a new aquacultured seahorse called A/C Yellow Tiger Tail Seahorses (Hippocampus sp). These guys have excellent color and good barring on their tails.

This week also saw us receive an amazing shipment of Duboulays Scribbled Angels (Chaetodontoplus duboulayi) from Australia in a really versatile medium size and just brilliant color.

There is an excellent selection of Fridmani Pseudochromis (Pseudochromis fridmani) in house right now and these hardy little guys shouldn't be overlooked. They offer brilliant purple coloration, and great acitivity level; just be sure to place them in aquariums with other fish who are on the aggressive end of the spectrum.

On the cultured invert front, we just added Elephant Ear Mushrooms (Rhodactis mussoides). This batch is bright green and the plugs have good coverage.

We also got a killer Australian coral shipment in this week including some stunning Scolys and Acans amongst other things. If you haven't already, be sure to give your account manager a call and keep a weather eye on the WYSIWYG.