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Bob's Picks

I was introduced to the marine aquarium hobby in 1970 and since then there have been so many changes, it's mind boggling. I never would have imagined that from such innocent beginnings it would bloom into the passion that is has become. One moment I'll never forget was back in 1979 when the company I worked for received our first direct shipment from the Philippines. The shipment consisted of a few butterflyfish, a couple of Coral Beauties, a dozen assorted Clownfish and 500 Targetfish!! Each fish excited me just as much as the next. I felt as if I was a part of a dream come true even with the limited variety. That marked the humble beginnings of a practice that I would have the opportunity to experience over and over again. Over time and with greater knowledge my perception of a great shipment evolved. It was not solely based on price but also the importance of consistency and quality. These factors far outweighed cost as it provided a better overall value over the long term. Thankfully, we have been able to maintain longstanding relationships with our suppliers with whom we share the same visions based on consistency, sustainability and quality.

After all this time and countless shipments its amazing how I still get a feeling of excitement whenever a new batch of fish arrives. It is our goal to make sure each of our loyal supporters experiences the same feeling every time they open up a box from QM. One of the ways we strive to accomplish this is by providing an unparalleled selection of healthy and vibrant marine life on a daily basis.

QM endeavors to support Aquaculture projects around the globe and this week we have an excellent selection of tank-raised gobies of the genus Elacatinus. These gobies are good sized, fat and healthy with great coloration. These are the perfect fish for the nano aquarist.

From our Short Supply Chain in the Maldives we are offering Midas Blennies (Ecsenius midas) of varying sizes and vibrant coloration. These fish have great personalities!

Also from the Maldivian SSC we received an outstanding shipment of Female Vermiculate Leopard Wrasse (Macropharyngodon bipartitus), a.k.a. Blue Diamond Leopard Wrasse. The numbers are limited so catch one before theyre gone.

Our Cook Islands collector is another one of our SSC suppliers and the only North American source of the deepwater Canary Damsel (Chrysiptera galba). These rich lemon colored beauties are available now and have been doing great.

For the crustacean buff we have a stellar batch of Antler Staghorn Hermit Crabs (Manucomplanus varians) ready to go and their symbiotic hydroid are exhibiting unusual growth patterns. These are a real unique bunch and comical to watch.

From our MAC certified Fijian SSC we are getting in some awesome Colored Tunicate Colonies (Urochordata sp. ) and they truly are a special batch. We have a good supply in house right now and they are one of this weeks Added Value Specials. What a great item to use to change up your product selection and pique the interests of your customers.